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We Made it to Chicago!

We are here! Yesterday was a smooth travel day, followed by a delicious steak dinner at Gibson's in downtown Chicago. My parents are out here with us and they have a hotel room that is one block away from the hospital. We stayed with them there last night!

This morning we got admitted to Lurie for pre-op tests. Patrick went under anesthesia so they could get a high-quality MRI of his brain. Dr. Lam said she will use this MRI as her GPS for surgery. He's a champ at anesthesia, thank god!

Dr. Lam already came to visit us in our room and told us that his MRI shows no surprises. She said it still is giving her hints that the left side of his brain has taken over most motor function. We are pumped about that- that means he physically shouldn't regress much, if at all, post op. After the MRI we went up to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Patrick got his EEG put on. (For the record, this was the most efficient EEG tech I've ever seen! He had all 25 electrodes on within 12 minutes... I wanted to hug him). He will have an EEG on for the next 24 hours at least. If they get enough data and see what they need, we may get discharged tomorrow afternoon and can have a day off on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that's the case!

Tomorrow morning a neuropsychologist will come to our room and do a 3 hour evaluation on Patrick. The purpose of this is to see where he is at cognitively and physically, so we have a baseline to compare post-op Patrick to.

Another little fun fact; there is a producer creating a documentary about this specific surgery. He is here with us in Chicago and filming throughout the week. We hope our story can help families in the future going through this process!

We are anticipating a relatively calm 24 hours from here. We will post another update tomorrow. 🤍

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