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Hi All!

Aunt Jamie here sending a quick update! First things first…P did GREAT. Surgery went beautifully and P did wonderful. PRAISE BE TO GOD.

We all spent the day in the lobby of the hospital receiving hourly updates from the OR. We colored pictures, did puzzles, and played a few card games. It was a long day but we kept our minds busy and watched the clock like it was our job!

We got word around 2:15pm that the hemispherectomy was complete and they were starting the closing process. Lots of tears of joy and big exhales of relief! Go P go! There wasn’t a single hiccup. He woke up quickly, was moving both sides of his body and squawking like a maniac. More tears of joy.

They skipped out on the ICU (again, God is good!) and have been moved to a normal room for the night. If you saw him you would never know. He has an incision on the top of his head with a drain to clear his brain of fluid, and two IV to keep him comfortable.

This surgeon is incredible and we owe a lot of this success to her steady hands and clear mind. We trusted Patrick’s life in her hands and she didn’t take that lightly.

The Marvels are settling into their room and getting ready for a long few (SEIZURE FREE!) days ahead.

You cannot imagine how much we appreciate the prayers, the love, and the support we have received over the past weeks. There are no words! Please continue to pray for Patrick’s recovery, protection and healing over his sweet body, prayers for a stable and strong heartbeat, and strength and peace for Erin and Brendan. Your prayers are felt, they are heard, and they are working!

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Mar 12, 2023

🙌🏼🙌🏼 God is soo good!!! praying for smooth recovery! love you all!



Leslie Weinstein
Leslie Weinstein
Mar 12, 2023

So glad to see this update! So much love to all of you.


Mar 11, 2023

We love you all so much and continued prayers for all. Go Patrick Go! Love Julie and


Mar 11, 2023

Wonderful news! Way to go Patrick!!! Love you all- The Browne's


Mar 11, 2023

Wonderful news. Beyond happy for Brendan/ Erin and baby Patrick. Can't wait to go to a Avs game with him.

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