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Two Days Post Op

Hi everyone! Thank you, as always, for your incredible support. I know we have said it a million times but we have the BEST community surrounding us and it doesn't go unnoticed!

Patrick is doing so well. As Jamie said in the last post, we could not have asked for the surgery to have gone better!! We met with Dr. Lam immediately following the surgery and she said it went perfectly. In order to successfully complete a hemispherectomy there are four really important "cuts" to make. She said she was very confident that those four cuts were made and successful. (Some surgeons we met with said it isn't necessarily uncommon to not fully complete a cut and have to go back in if seizures resume post op).

She also saved the hair that she had to cut off to make the incision. I'm telling you, she is the BEST.

The last two days have gone well, all things considered. He's tired, out of sorts, and getting touched/poked constantly. He's taking it like a champ! Days and nights have been long but that’s just the way this goes. The nurses do top of the hour vital checks/meds and when they finish, he finally falls asleep, and they’re back 20 minutes later to do it all over again. One less overnight hour last night was a plus! When the clock jumped from 1:59 to 3:00 I was thrilled 😂. Our nurses have been nothing short of amazing and I wish they knew how much we appreciate them.

Patrick currently has a tube coming out of his head that is draining the excess fluid for him. The fluid started out bright red, and slowly has progressed to a light pink/orange color. In order to get discharged, this fluid needs to become clear, and then his brain needs to prove that it is processing this fluid on its own without the drain. It will still be a few days, at least.

We have physical therapists coming tomorrow and are so excited to get a good idea of where his strength and motor skills are at! Depending on what we see, we may stay post-hospital discharge and do inpatient rehab here at their facility.

Thanks for checking in on our guy!! Another post will come in the next few days. 🤍

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3 comentarios

Leslie Weinstein
Leslie Weinstein
13 mar 2023

Thinking of you and your cutie. His smile is amazing. Lots of love from Sammie and family!

Me gusta

13 mar 2023


Me gusta

13 mar 2023

You are all such an amazing family. This is fantastic news. I love how you are there for one another. And yes, this community is fantastic, it always has been. Prayers will continue love to all of you.

Me gusta
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