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Tuesday Update

Today was a busy one!! Patrick is so out of sorts- since he went under anesthesia yesterday for the MRI, he slept off and on for most of the day. He slept while Brendan and I ate dinner (see the pic below for our awesome hospital room view!) but then we were wide awake from about 9pm-4:45am 🙃 I think the EEG was uncomfortable and they had an IV in his foot that was really bothering him. Things that he doesn't understand and we can't explain to him... it's so hard but it's just the way these things go! Needless to say we are exhausted.

They came to do his cognitive/physical ability testing at 8:30. We got about halfway through before P said "nope I'm done" and needed a nap. Thank goodness for understanding doctors... she let him nap and came back a few hours later. While he was napping we were visited by the epileptologist (doc that was reading the EEG as it was going) who told us they had the same findings as Denver and Texas- crazy right sided brain waves and a few spasms seen throughout the night. Thankfully she got all the information she needed and we were able to take the EEG off this afternoon.

Dr. Lam visited us again to review everything and let us know we were able to get discharged! She also informed us that surgery has been moved to Friday, for no reason other than scheduling purposes.

A therapist came to visit us from the ability center nearby. Depending on how Patrick is doing after surgery, we may stay here and do some inpatient physical and occupational therapy before heading home. That is something that we will determine after surgery!

We are heading back to the hotel and very much so looking forward to sleeping in a real bed without interruptions every hour! We get three nights of real sleep to recharge and we will be back here first thing Friday morning. We are excited to explore Chicago the next few days! We will post another update on Thursday night. 🤍

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